Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Anonymous donor picks up all the checks at coffee shop

Renee Waddell, owner of Respite Cappuccino Court, 48 Center St. in Douglas, makes a drink on Monday, Jan. 7.

Respite Cappuccino Court, 48 Center St. in Douglas
The donor of a pay-it-forward day at a Douglas coffee shop had fun watching the joy on people’s faces as they got their order paid for free.

“I sat there for awhile to quietly observe, and that was fun, too,” said the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, about the Dec. 11 event at Respite Cappuccino Court, 48 Center St. in Douglas.

Owner Renee Waddell left a notepad for customers to write to the donor.
“They expressed their pleasure and surprise, and also felt inspired by this rather small deed,” the donor said.

Waddell was at first taken aback when the donor asked how much the shop makes in daily off-season business.

“When I replied, there seemed to be a light that came on in his head,” said Waddell.

“The idea came on its own accord, meaning that there is a higher consciousness/awareness operating all the time in each of us, and if we are ‘listening,’ so to say, then we become open to whatever serves best. Surprising things will happen,” the donor said. “I strongly believe that if we all, individually and collectively, can make supporting each other any way we can a steady impulse, then we will be lovingly guided all the time.”

Patrons were grateful and some left money to pay for the next day.

“The reaction from patrons was a gift to us. We were able to deliver the message and enjoy their reactions,” Waddell said.

The donor would like to do it again next holiday season as well.

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