Friday, May 11, 2012

Vending machines at Mount Baldhead?

Mount Baldhead Park in Saugatuck could soon have a beverage vending machine.

After walking up and back down the Mount Baldhead steps, you’ll most likely need a drink. If you forgot your water, what can you do?

This summer, you might be able to grab a drink from a vending machine at the Saugatuck park.

The city council will consider the idea of vending machines at Mount Baldhead and Oval Beach at its meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, May 14, at city hall, 102 Butler St.

“It’s something to try,” said City Manager Kirk Harrier at the city’s workshop session on Thursday, May 10. The contract could be for a year. “It’s a test thing to see if it works.”

The city has been approached by a vendor who will put the machines at the two parks. The city provides the location and electricity and gets a percentage of the profits.

At Oval Beach, the machine will be on only when the concession stand is closed.

At Mount Baldhead, the machine will be on 24-seven.

Both will dispense drinks only, not food, said Harrier.

Councilman Mark Bekken said those spots can be tranquil, natural areas and a vending machine could be distracting to visitors.

Councilman Bill Hess doesn’t want to see a “big, glaring, lit machine” in those spots, but said they can be screened and covered to protect the natural views.

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