Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lines in the sand

A new sign at Oval Beach explains what the fencing does.
The fencing at Oval Beach went up a little early — the day after Labor Day, in fact — and now people know why.

Saugatuck city has posted a new sign at the beach explaining why the wooden-slatted barriers crisscross the shore. The erosion fence helps keep the sand from blowing away.

One resident recently questioned the city council about the sudden appearance of the erosion fence. The city did place the barrier a week or so earlier than usual, said City Manager Kirk Harrier. It was a matter of when the department of public works had the time to do it.

The new sign directs beach-goers to unobstructed entrances.

Without the fencing, the strong winds off Lake Michigan push the sand across the parking lot.

The fence keeps the sand on the beach. "If it's gone, it's gone," Harrier said about the beach sand.

A lot of that sand has, over the years, built up the dune that now divides the two parking areas.

"That's our beach sand," Harrier said.

 The fence will come down before Memorial Day and the beach patrol, along with volunteers, will pick up litter.

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  1. It's either fencing or planting reeds. It may be an inconvenience but then no beach would be worse. Save the sand and the beach!