Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good as gold

The end of summer means the city of Saugatuck stops charging people to park at Oval Beach. That means I can spend more time at that fantastic beach -- I do go in the summer, especially with the kids for an afternoon of swimming and sunshine. But after Labor Day, I visit the beach several times a week to just watch the waves or walk the dunes to escape the stress of work.

The passing of Labor Day also means that the people who were re-selling Oval Beach stickers are out of work.

An Oval Beach pass on my car on July 13.
Back in July, City Manager Kirk Harrier said that people leaving the beach were selling their day passes to incoming tourists. The passes are stuck on the windshield when a motorist enters the park. That pass is good all day, so if you leave the park to get lunch in Douglas or Saugatuck, you can get back in to the beach at no extra charge.

The stickers are marked "non transferable" and "non refundable," but that didn't stop many folks from selling them to unsuspecting visitors. The ticket booth operator has no way of knowing if the sticker is unique to a vehicle.

"It's happening more frequently," Harrier told the council in July.

"It's probably been going on for a long time," added Councilman Bill Hess.

And you know how the city found out about the switching?

Someone tried to sell one back to an off-duty beach patrol member!

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